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Licensing – the way to make some $$

almost 2 years ago

Few music artists ever reach the iconic status that comes with hours of annual airtime and major downloads to financially support their lifestyles and families.  That being said, many artists are able to make a living through their art by performing live and taking advantage of LICENSING! Yep, licensing!, That magic word that makes musicians ... read more

Another FAQ

about 3 years ago

“Transparency”. A catch-word in politics now-a-days, to be sure, but something that should be considered with signing or agreeing to anything when your property is involved. This is more true today than ever before, with artists, writers, and musicians using the power of the internet to get “discovered”. So what do I mean about ‘transparency’. ... read more

The final push

about 3 years ago

I’ve begun thinking about building my own home studio recently and decided to get some books on the subject. Now this blog isn’t about the many different books about home recording or the recommended equipment, or even a request to send your personal feelings on the subject… It’s about a statement in one of those ... read more

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